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Meet Our Leaders


Zane Walker

Curbing traffic violence and fixing of our streets has been important to me ever since my good friend, Lucian, was killed by a reckless driver in 2013, when he was just nine years old. This tragedy horrified and outraged me. Ever since, I have been fighting to end deaths and injuries on our streets. I have worked with Families for Safe Streets since its founding and have seen firsthand the influence that young people can have over adults in power. I am excited to see us change our streets for the better and to save precious lives, together, as the Vision Zero Youth Council

Avery Dermer

My name is Avery Dermer and I am sixteen years old. I attend Beacon High School in Midtown and am currently going into my Junior year. In terms of the Vision Zero Youth Council, I am the co-president. Being born and raised in New York City has had various positive impacts on my life thus far. Unfortunately, with the luxury of walking around the streets when I was only thirteen I was unaware of how dangerous the city roads could be. Now that I am older and exposed to more tragedies that happen daily, I am empowered to produce change and make the streets a safer place, I hope you are too!

Meet Some of Our Members

Alison Collard de Beaufort

Founder of the Youth Council
I am currently a Sophomore Civil Engineering student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. 
I founded the Vision Zero Youth Council to give NYC students an opportunity to get actively involved in advocating for safer streets with their peers. 

Marina Sherman

I joined the Vision Zero Youth Council to help save lives that are lost due to reckless drivers. Street safety is very important to me after losing Sammy, Joie, and Mohammad.

Hanin Dari

I got involved with Vision Zero because my friends and classmates were killed in car crashes. When Alison formed the Vision Zero Youth Council, l I knew it was a great way to make a difference in the community. It's a way to make sure that less people die due to car crashes and that other people won't have to experience loss the way Alison and I did

Our General Body:

Our members are from:
     High School
     Brooklyn Technical High School
     Murrow High School
     Brooklyn Latin High School
     NYC iSchool
     Fort Hamilton High School
     Midwood High School
     Beacon High School
     Middle / Junior High School
     William Alexander Middle School 51
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