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Meetings, rallies, and how to hear about them

The Vision Zero Youth Council has monthly meetings on Sundays in Lower Manhattan, at LREI (40 Charlton Street), Everyone is invited!
Due to COVID-19 we will not be holding meetings. Please check back soon, sign up for our newsletter, and follow our social media pages for updates!
In meetings, we talk about problems with NYC streets, and all the solutions that are possible. This is also where we plan rallies and other ways to make change happen.


Rallies and Other Events

The Vision Zero Youth Council is an activist organization. We plan events, rallies and vigils that get the attention of politicians and force change.  
Nothing Just Yet...But:
These rallies and protests can happen any time, anywhere, because we've got lots of people to pressure and progress to make. Sometimes these events are so urgent that we can't plan them in advance, so for alerts sign up for VZYC emails.

Past Events

Speed Safety Camera Bill - 2019 

As a special nod to mothers everywhere on Mother's day, Governor Andrew

Cuomo signed into law a bill that we have been fighting for for years. A few years ago, we were up in Albany at the State Senate advocating for the #EverySchool bill. Last June, we organized a petition that would later be signed by hundreds of New York City middle and high school students. Soon after, we led the C.U.R.B. Speeding rally in front of the Governor's office in Manhattan, again in support of the bill.

And now, the pilot program of 140 speed safety cameras has been extended and expanded to 750 cameras! This bill could not have come soon enough. 

A huge thank you to Families for Safe Streets, Transportation Alternatives, Senator Andrew S. Gounardes, and Governor Andrew Cuomo. Their incredible work has ensured more lives are saved and has brought us one step closer to achieving Vision Zero.

Vision Zero Youth Day 2018

The second annual Vision Zero Youth Day was held on March 17th, 2018. This year, the event was expanded and opened not only to middle and high school students, but also to elementary school students. 

Some of our most popular activities throughout the day were our street-safety themed Jeopardy and Kahoot games, in addition to our Vision Zero musical chairs and Cartoon design competitions. 

Our keynote speaker was none other than Amy Cohen, co-founder of Families for Safe Streets. We were later also joined by New York City Council Member Brad Lander.

Over 50 students from all over New York City attended the event and made the day an incredible success!

Vision Zero Youth Day 2017

The first-ever Vision Zero Youth Day was held on March 11th, 2017. Open to all middle and high school students, the event consisted of many activities, panels, and other presentations. Our morning and afternoon panels addressed the themes of "How Can We Prevent Future Crashes?" and "How Does Vision Zero Affect Us?" respectively.

Our keynote speaker for our General Session was NYC Council Member Brad Lander, followed by presentations by Amy Cohen, co-founder of Families for Safe Streets, and Jonathan Collard de Beaufort, who spoke about various pieces of technology that support Vision Zero. Over 70 students from all over New York City attended and made the day an incredible success!

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow


A team of 4 Brooklyn Technical High School students was chosen as one of the five 2015-2016 competition winners. 

The nationally-recognized project was an smartwatch app that would alert its user if cars moving at unsafe speeds are detected nearby. This technology would allow younger children, elderly citizens, the disabled, and distracted pedestrians to walk around with a "sixth sense".

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